Holiday Dating Scams – Tell Tale Signs

Holiday dating can cause a lot of confusion in your life when you are living thousands of miles away from your partner and even further away from being an actual real life couple and item, here are somethings to look out for from Gambian dating scammers.

Turning up late for appointments … gets to Skype late and will tell you sorry its Gambian time.

Increased concern about wardrobe or personal appearance …. so will ask you for money for new shoes and clothes.

Weight loss … so will ask for money for Malaria medication for themselves and for the mother, father, brother, sister and cousin etc.

Suspicious phone calls – hang ups, wrong numbers, etc … so will ask for the latest duel sim phone to avoid any cross calling and phone history to explain.

Lots of lies, excuses or deceit … says i miss you a hundred times a week.

Stops wearing wedding ring … lost your gold ring while swimming in the big river.

Starts complaining, arguing or picking fights over trivial things … the visa papers have not arrived.

Decrease in sex life … when the visa papers arrive i will feel better and able to perform to your needs.

Strange numbers on phone bills or on slips of paper but will tell you that they are numbers of brothers or sisters you have never heard of.


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