Gambian Cheater & Love Rat Bigamist Jainaba Bojang aka Ndey

This is Jainaba or Ndey Bojang, Bigamist wife married to two men at the same time.

Jainaba Bojang aka Ndey

Jainaba Bojang aka Ndey

One Love husband Dave Tungate tells Gambian Cheaters…

Great news today I have been informed by the family of the man who married my Bigamist wife JAINABA NDEY BOJANG they have found out the truth and kicked her out of the family compound in BAKAU and 2nd husband has divorced her she is now a lepper in her own community.

Thats two sources of income she has lost now lets find the other white husband… I’m afraid to say she is mine but not for much longer and i m joining No.2 who has already ditched her and I am pleased to say I am now happier than I have been for many many a year.

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