Gambian Cheater & Love Rat Ebrima Manjang aka Squire.

Teija Jallow From Gambian Cheaters Facebook wrote:

Let me introduce Ebrima Manjang aka Squire

I want to share my latest story, i got married to my long time friend last year but after our wedding day started i had many kinds of problems.

Gambian Cheater & Love Rat

Call me The Gambian Squire

I left for home with very mixed feelings and I had very little contact if any with him after that. I returned to Gambia after two months and was told he has traveled to UK. I had no idea afterwards i got to know that the Gambian wife was at our wedding also. I did not know of her either.

The one thing in my story was that there was not a big age gap between us, he was not a beach boy. I knew he had children but he was my friend for five years, many of my friends know him also as we have been working together and have visited his family many times and the OTHER wife was never around, I worked with his brother till this winter.

These so call normal guys are more dangerous  and after visiting Gambia myself for the past six years, one knows how to handle beach boys.

Well he had not so much luck with my money as at that time I was still a Bachelor student and cos the problems started so quickly I did not legalise our marriage in Finland. (What we have to do before starting any process).

I still want to believe that there are people whom you can trust and who love you even though you don’t have the money tree and I seriously don’t know what there is left if u cannot trust anyone at all.

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