Karren T Scarratt Post To Gambian Cheaters Facebook (Part Three)

Then my sons friend had said that I needed to look on facebook. So we did. To find I was blocked ! Assan had 4 profiles one with a photo of

Gambian Cheater

Bintou Keita Married To Assan Tamba  but it was his Facebook profile that he had different places of birth, age and status.

When my son looked on FACEBOOK he found this……

And look who sent it to him. When I showed him next morning he said she was his best friends wife! That she saw herself as his first wife.

She and he have deleted this!
Then Assan said he wanted a divorce and that it had to be that day! I said I would find a flight and put him on it.

His phone went it he went upstairs after a while I went up I found a flight I very calmly asked for his passport to book it. He went mad shouting at me! I came down crying I didn’t know what to do anymore.

I suffer from mental health problems and now wasn’t coping with this. I phoned my son he said he would come. Assan came down very calm again, i texted my son not to bother but said he was coming.
Assan repeated he wanted a divorce I was calmly crying and explained how it’s done here and takes time.

He went up stairs, my son came I went into the kitchen then my son is pointing his finger in Assans face saying “if you ever treat mom or talk to her like that again I will kill you”. I was in between both of them at this time. Son told Assan to get passport he would take him to airport. He said it was upstairs.

Gambian Cheaters & Lover Rat

Facebook Bintou Keita Gambian Cheater Accomplice

Assan legged it”. We looked for him. Later I phoned the police especially with how he had been the night before and had no memory of any of it. There was the door police were there, Assan called them saying he wanted son arrested for threatening to kill him. When the police knew what had been happening over LAST 48 hrs they where going the get a psy assessment done. There was a radio call someone reported strange behaviour it was Assan he was picked up. They would not allow him back into the home for my safety. He called his brother in Paris and arranged for him to stay at his wife’s who lives in Manchester. The police took him put him on train and had more escort him to the place. He insisted on taking his national insurance number! He also had hidden a carrier bag of cards from a Marobou no idea when or where they were from didn’t bring them from That evening got worse, we found a childs birth certificate. He has never told me of this and it was hidden in our wedding cards. Then I sat and worked out the dates for his previous ” marriage, they were all before he applied to come over here before meeting me ! More lies”.

I’ve spent £4,000 that mom left, £10,00 on credit cards another £5,000 that I had saved. I have nothing left. Only debt and a lot of pain. In the last two days I have been told he met someone before asked her to buy him a car in Gambia pay for college she didn’t but gave him lots of money. Some people who had known Assan for 8 years and paid for his hospital treatment and medication want nothing more to do with him. I have also been informed that there is a very good possibility that he has fake divorce documents and so is a bigamist. I now have to go back to the police get them to involve Interpol in Banjul to find out. HE IS STILL AT THIS TIME IN THE UK. HE IS HERE ILLEGALLY AS HE IS HERE ON A SPOUSES VISA AND BREAKING THE CONDITION’S OF IT.

He was in Manchester but also has a brother in London who is a cook. Can anyone help have him arrested please. He will do this again but I think he will target a ENGLISH girl now with his charm. His family all stick together. Immigration are also involved, he may get admitted to A& E for his fits. Any help please. I had been happy living on my own for 17 years before letting him into my life. My world is shattered I so trusted him and his family. I hope this helps anyone else Gambia.

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