Karren T Scarratt Post To Gambian Cheaters Facebook (Part Two)

When Assan Tamba came over here to the UK,  he would go jogging, he did help in the garden and some in the home, he didn’t cook meals every night like he’s told people as the only thing he could do was rice in the microwave! He would go for a walk to a couple of friends that are my friends. He still had fits lasting longer. I thought the change in him was caused by this. He had test at the hospital he was put on medication for epilepsy. The results have since come back negative for epilepsy. He wasn’t talking much to me, but always on facebook or phone to Gambia on viber. He was against facebook so he told me. He went to the mosque once I had to remind him for prayer. The lack of conversation interest in me, even my family were saying he’s nothing like a husband he shows no affection, interest nothing. When we went to Turkey the money was in the bank so when my family and myself saw Assan with a lot of money I didn’t know where it was from.

Gambian Cheaters Facebook

Assan Tamba Gambian Visa Scam & Love Rat

So when back I asked asked him if he had any money of any currency? That I didn’t want any and had always given him money when he asked but only a week earlier I had sent money to his gran as he said had said he hadn’t any. He repeated that he had only a 10, a 25 and a 50 Dalasi in his wallet. I knew he had 12.500 dalasi!

Not much in English but again I asked him he said I AM ASSAN TAMBA AND I DONT LIE he did and was. When three of us sat down he admitted to my son he had 200 Dalasi still but said he had no more! Eventually he said ONLY TO MY SON ” SORRY SORRY”
I said then you have looked me in the face and lied! That was at the end of November.

December was getting worse he would be fine one minute and very sharp the next, if I tried to explain things to him it would be “I know how or what I’m doing ” when he clearly didn’t.
Then on 18 th December my son and I were going CHRISTMAS shopping I didn’t want Assan to come as we were getting his presents. He said he was going to Cannock gym and walking, we offered to give him a lift he refused. He said he was going at 11 am. We came back at 4 pm, no Assan Tamba. Concerned I called his phone it was off, sent lots of texts , son phoned, called the gym in case he had a fit, He hadn’t been ! Phoned the hospital’s not there. I had a text at 6.15 pm saying “Hi I’m fine, having great time, met couple of Gambians!”
He still wouldn’t answer the phone.
I had call from my son at 9.20 pm saying Assan had just been on the phone to him saying he was outside our house ??? I opened the door and went mad, while still on the phone, i could sense things were not right and getting out of hand, why did nt he knocked on the bloody door??

Next day.. The lies kept coming… First he said he went to the gym , then when I said I’d called them, he said no he met two Gambian boys. When I asked where he told me one place but later told my son another, couldn’t say there names although he said he’d been with them all day and night, couldn’t say where he’d been only that they went to a pub! Couldn’t direct us nothing more where they lived or worked ! I told him straight he was lying and that it was over! After I calmed down there was a film on tv watched it . At the end of the film he sat there again saying ‘I am a man! I am! ‘.


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