Gambian Cheaters Website Post By Brahim

Hi Auntie,

I found your page and I find it interesting. This is not about a relationship scam but more serious problem. It’s about a wicked woman who is thieving from some of the poorest children in the Gambia.

Susy Hawkins is a toubab woman from Sussex UK. Ten years ago she set up the Gambia Reality School for poor children in the Sanyang area, children who could not otherwise attend school due to poverty. Their families do not have the funds to pay for books uniforms or transport to the school in Brikama.

Ten years since this woman Suzy Hawkiins arrived in Sanyang the so called school is still not working. I have two children who did attend. I am on a very low income and earn just 200 dalasi a day as a labourer. My wife realised that our children were learning nothing, she was concerned. They could not read write or even spell their name. My wife visited the school and found it to be full of bumsters with pieces of paper following toubabs asking them to sign up to donate. But no teachers, nothing going on.

Gambian Cheater NGO SchoolFraud

Suzy Hawkins From Sanyang Gambia Is A Gambian Cheater Complaint: School & Charity Fraud

My wife was shocked as I was. We spoke to other parents from our village Sanyang who had experienced the same problems. they too had taken their children away from this school because they were learning nothing. Better to teach the children at home than have them in a school which is a sham a front for thieving money which has been donated.

The only people who have benefited from this sham ‘Reality’ school are the two bumsters who have had relationships with Suzy Hawkins who is married to an Englishman.

Suzy bought her first boyfriend Lamin a taxi. Lamin’s father is a teacher who put Suzy in touch with the school, where no teaching happens. Suzy kept a blog, but when locals realised the truth she quickly removed the page on ‘Lamin’s Taxi’. Suzy slept with Lamin when she would arrive to Sanyang. Lamin’s wife got sick of this fat toubab sleeping with her husband and so he broke off with Suzy who then turned to his brother Bubba or Bubbacar who also has a wife, – the crazy ‘mamma or man eater from Sengal. Bubba slept with Suzy and miked her for lots of money. Suzy bought him a 4 wheel drive people carrier landrover. She bought it from toubab man Mike who sold it to Suzy for £4,000.

This is all money that was donated by toubabs for some of the poorest kids in the Gambia and it was only benefited two bumster brothers from Sanyang – Lamin and Bubba.

Now Lamin uses his taxi and his brother people carrier landrover to take tourists on tours around the Gambia. Donations from the school have also been put into a beach bar – Black and White which is still running despite many other businesses being shut down due to lack of papers. Mamma is there every day running her beach bar. She also runs a Black and white restaurant in Sanyang village.

Meanwhile the school has been robbed and raped of all funds. it has no desks nor books. When toubabs arrive from Senegamia with gifts for the school Lamin and Bubba ring me up to ask me to take my children to the Reality school so as to trick the toubabs into thinking it’s a proper school when it is not. My wife tells me not to allow my kids to be used in this way it is nasty.

Mamma who is married to the bumster Bubba who calls Suzy his wife is married to Bubba but she tells Suzy she is Bubbas sister and Suzy sleeps with Bubba who calls her his wife when she is in the Gambia.

Why does the authorities in UK allow this thieving to happen? Why do out police allow this to happen. Is Suzy or Mamma paying them off?. It does seem so.

Why is the Gambian Observer and Freedom paper not investigating this school and this dirty toubab woman Suzy Hawkins who is thieving from our Gambian children?

Aunty I want you to help us the community of Sanyang to let the world know about the thieving which is happening by this toubab woman Suzy Hawkiins and Mamma who is married to two men a Swedish man of 80 and Bubbacarr who runs the two restaurants Black and white beach bar and village restaurant.

My wife says what they are all doing is Harram in the eyes of Allah and one day they will pay the price.

I ask your help Auntie to deal with fraud. Thank you.


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3 Responses to Gambian Cheaters Website Post By Brahim

  1. Brahim says:

    Thank you Anita. Just ask the local villagers they will tell you what is really going on at that school, not a lot of teaching, that’s for sure. Check out Lamin’s taxi and also his brother Bubba’s £4,000 jeep, 4 wheel drive, which he uses to take tourists on trips. A nice earner at the expense of the local kids.


  2. Anita Griffin says:

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is disgusting, the poor children. I and my colleagues will investigate this and get back to you soon.


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