Young Nigerian Men Turned LOVE RATS In Gambia

A sad story of a British woman who found love in a young man who turned out to be a LOVE RAT.

Di Simmons wrote:

Gambian Cheater & Love Rat

Nigerian Love Rat In Gambia

So, you got married last June?? You just used me like all the others b4 you…..I’m just “babe” not your wife, not your darling as you always said. At least now I know I can move on, you didn’t want me at all, I would like my cash back…all of it, & the silver jewelry missing from my house.

Even your bro used me to pay for that kids party then disappeared. I hope your wife can forgive your deceit cos I can’t!!!

You’ve broken my heart, what have I done to deserve this treatment. Please just man up & tell me the truth, I’ve put everything on hold waiting for you to come for me. To desert me at Christmas & New Year was cruel. I’ll always love you but will never let another man in my life or heart….ever!!!


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Exporter of Atlantic Shells
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