Gambian Cheaters Facebook Post Shared

Some people don’t know what they want and they don’t value what they have. They get into relationships just for fun, to pass time and just for their sexual satisfaction. Some people are not contented with what they have. You have got someone who cares about you, who is always there for you, who keeps on encouraging you, who calls on you all the time to find out how you are, who never fails to text you or to reply your messages, who always has your time, who comforts you, who LOVES YOU SO MUCH, who has got developmental ideas, who sees all his or her future in you, Who is so faithful to you, who trusts you so much, who never wants to hurt you, who never gets tired of forgiving you though you continuously hurt him or her, who never wants to lose you but still you have got the guts to flirt with other people, to cheat on that person, to give out your mobile number to every person who is interested in you, to take that person’s love for granted… Why? Why not sticking on one person? Seriously such people make me wonder and the funny thing is they are the very people accusing you over false things. They can come up with fake stories just to make you feel guilty yet they are the very ones playing a lot of dirty games behind you back. Such people are so ANNOYING. They can make you heartless and even hate love

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3 Responses to Gambian Cheaters Facebook Post Shared

  1. Mariyama.. says:

    I agree with the previous lady’s post. More and more Gambian women are waking up to the fact that Gambian men have little or nothing to offer them, other than financial insecurity, infidelity, and the risk of catching an STD infection.

    This is why more and more of us are preferring to remain single. Not to be forced into arranged marriages by our families. We study we work hard, much harder than our men and we have no wish to marry young and expose ourselves to the kind of abuse we have witnessed our mothers experience.

    More and more young Gambian women who work are preferring to not marry, and would prefer to marry a foreign man rather than a Gambian man who will abuse and mistreat them, and risk their health. More and more of our young men prefer not to work for small wages which is the norm here in Gambia. They prefer to follow toubab women and scam them into providing them with a visa out of poverty through sham marriages. More fool them. Do they not realise that these men have absolutely nothing to offer them other than stress and poverty after they have scammed them out of every penny they have worked for?.

    Just a few days ago our First Lady address these issues in a public speech, and I agree with what she has said. She spoke on International Women’s Day.

    Here it is:

    “Many girls and young women in Africa still do not have access to education or have higher dropout rates. Particularly adolescent girls are forced to leave school because of marriage at an early age and as a result are victims of gender-based violence, early pregnancies, sexual exploitation, unsafe abortion and the resulting risks for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Their future is therefore disadvantaged in many ways, which remains a major challenge in achieving higher education levels and economic development in Africa’.

    ‘Evidence shows that support to women leads to improved health status and increased income levels in both households and communities resulting in economic development. The fact that our governments and communities are facing challenges to address gender-based violence is undermining African and global development goals for girl child education; HIV/AIDS and cervical cancer control, improving sexual reproductive health, improving maternal and child health as well as mental health of women and undermining women’s economic empowerment, political representation, and overall poverty reduction’.

    ‘African First Ladies are members of the Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (, work jointly with the High Level Task Force on Women, Girls, Gender Equality and on HIV, have shown a strong commitment towards the achievement of gender equality and Women empowerment in all spheres.Zineb and President Jammeh

    ‘I would like to highlight the four challenges that women and children face in our continent that need the urgent attention of our people, governments, and the regional and international development communities’.

    I agree with every word of the First Lady’s speech. She knows what is going on and she understands why our young women need to be protected from Gambian men and abuse.


    • Mariyama.. says:

      My post was in reply to the post by wised up woman who feel the original comment is ridiculous and highly likely written by a rejected bumster who sees his future being paved out by some foolish foreign woman who will purchase him. He can dream on. Most intelligent women would see though these stupid men’s scams. they have nothing to offer any woman and cannot even feed themselves let alone their family.


  2. Wised up woman. says:

    The above comment reads as though it were written by a Gambian bumster. Let’s face we all want to be loved needed. But when someone realizes they are being played, used, manipulated then they should walk away. I have heard the rants of the very angry con man/hustler/bumster who whinge about the ‘woman not keepin her promise to marry him’. Booo hooo how sad, like she should hand you a life a living on a plate and you do f….k all? but smoke drink and whore around?

    He should look at what he has to offer her. Sod All! Not a pot to in. And is usually a player as well, has done the rounds each season. Women have wised up, they are smart. why would they wish to risk their health their life, their finances with a loser who is only after ‘Di Chance’ ‘Di Jackpot’ a visa out of poverty?. She would have to be a mug or incredibly naive.

    Too many women have been stung. Not a day goes by but we read in the papers about yet another sham marriage, another con artists from the Gambia who has done a runner as soon as his leave to remain was granted, or even before.

    to the person who wrote the sour grapes comment above I say to get a life. Get a job. Have a shower. Lear how to treat a woman like a lady. Buy her a drink, take her to dinner. Develop soome balls, be a man.

    The problem is Gambians do not know how to be a man, they think the toubab owes them a living. Well she does not.

    Get off your lazy arses have a wash and find a job. Do no rant your B.S. on a forum. Get a f….ing life first.

    Too many of you are driving away tourists from your country by your angry hostile attitude and bumstering ways.


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