Liz’s Post Shared: Gambian Cheaters Website

It seems that love rat bigamists are operating not just in Gambia but worldwide.
Here is an account of a lady called Sandra who met Ed, the biggest love rate bigamist of all time.

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2 Responses to Liz’s Post Shared: Gambian Cheaters Website

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  2. Liz says:

    Having read the many posts on here on sex tourism in the Gambia I feel it is time that prostitution was legalized.

    Studies have shown that in countries where prostitution has been legalized the rates for STD’s and HIV/AIDS has dropped considerable. The women are safer and protected from exploitation by pimps.

    I work at a beach bar in the tourist area of the Gambia and I see the many young women and men with multiple partners throughout the season. These are working girls and men, who are paid more by the toubas to have sex without a condom, hence the spiraling rise in STDS in the Gambia.

    Clinics report that diseases such as Gonorrhea, Herpes HPV have soared, and it is all due to having unprotected sex with prostitutes who pass it on their partners.

    Many strains of these diseases such as Gonorrhea and Herpes, contracted in Africa, have become so virulent that they are now resistant to treatment from antibiotics so they can be a lot more dangerous that thought. Gonorrhea can spread to the joints and bloodstream and cause infertility.

    Tourists should exercise extreme caution when sleeping with a Gambian man or woman.

    Prostitution is considered to be the oldest profession known to mankind. Considered a legal and legitimate profession in many countries and as a criminal offense in others, such as the Gambia.

    The issues faced by sex workers go far beyond social stigma and abuse. Healthcare hazards and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS have made it necessary to manage the sex industry in almost every country.

    The working conditions of sex workers open them up to a variety of risks including exploitation and blatant abuse of human rights by pimps. A number of countries do not criminalize prostitution itself but penalize activities such as the running of brothels. To ascertain best practices and to ensure protection of individual and social rights, a study of the various aspects of prostitution such as the legalization of the profession have become imperative, if only to stop the increase of STD’s and HIV.


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