Buba Post From Gambian Cheaters Web site

What a fat dirty ugly old slapper Hawkiins is. What do her bumsters see in her other than money?

Gambian Cheater NGO SchoolFraud

Suzy Hawkins From Sanyang Gambia She Is A Gambian Cheater – The Complaint: School & Charity Fraud

Jammeh needs to kick this fat thieving bitch’s fat arse out of the Gambia.

Thieving from our children has to be the vilest dirtiest crime you can commit.

Is this fat slag also thieving from the Veteran’s charity the WRVS which she works for in UK as a wages clerk

Nice helicopter and £18,000 car, not to mention the £4,000 jeep for her bumster boy Bubba.

Vile fat slag from Sussex.

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2 Responses to Buba Post From Gambian Cheaters Web site

  1. James says:

    I read that report on Suzy Hawkins thieving from a village school ‘charity’ in the Gambia and I was disgusted!.

    But frankly I am not surprised. Charity fraud is widespread in the Gambia and the Gambia Government need to take a closer look at this widespread fraud, gravy train that is happening all over the Gambia.

    Much of this fraud is by women in the late 50’s and 60’s. Sad lonely unattractive, usually overweight dowdy women who live sad lives in the UK so hit on the idea to start a ‘charity’ and we all know it’s the easiest thing in the world to register a so called charity. There is no policing or inspection once it’s registered.

    These cunning old women are nearly always associated with a Church and they fleece the good nature of parishioners to fund their so called ‘charity. In the same way that fraudster Hawkins has plundered the Gambia Reality School where no real teaching is happening.

    The funds these sad but cunning old women collect from naive Brits is used to fly them four or five times a year to the smiling coast. A nice lifestyle in the sun. They always buy land and build a compound where their Gambian bumster is housed, they do not care if the man is married to a Gambian, the Gambian wife could not care less so long as the toubab keeps the dalasi flowing in and she lives in a nice compound rent free.

    Every plane which flies to the Gambia has about 20% of these women who have set up ‘charities’. We chatted with one women in her mid 60’s who told us she had set up a charity to teach knitting or something to do with crafts.

    She also told us she had purchased land had a compound. Showed us pictures of her bumster who apparently was the watchman and took care of the so called ‘charity’ when she was back in the midlands. She lives in the compound with her Gambian bumster and his wife when she is there.

    Most of these ‘charities’ are a front for money laundering, extortion of funds to finance a very nice lifestyle in the sun with their Gambian Bumsters.No checks are done. No investigations. Sure the local villagers will speak out and express their disgust but these stories never make it to the UK or the Gambian national press and it is time they did. It’s time this widespread charity fraud was exposed and these old Brits exposed for what they are sad thieving charity fraudsters.

    Hawkins bought not only a land rover but also s taxi and a mini market staffer by Gambian hookers who propositioned the tourist men. She was turfed out of the premises by the Gambian family who leased the mini market to this bunch of thieving fraudsters. Hawkins has no shame. The woman who collects and extort money from the so called ‘craft’ knitting charity has no shame, 90% of the funds go towards her nice lifestyle in the sun, her compound and her Gambian bumster.

    I live in Wiltshire. We have one of the worst Tory MP’s in the UK, known as ‘Cameron’s Cutie’ a hard nosed money grabbing bitch called Claire Perry MP for Devizes. Perry lives in a £3million mansion she has worked in finance as has her stockbroker asset manager husband whom she divorced the same money she returned from a freebie jolly to Gunjur where she visited a local women’s project apparently. At her constituent’s expense. Yes we the mugs who live in Devizes footed the bills for this millionaire’s jolly junket to the Gambia.

    Wiltshire is a rural county but we also have pockets of poverty and deprivation. There are people who are so in debt through pay day loans that they face homelessness, they depend on food banks to feed their children.

    Yet Perry swanned off to Gunjur on a 3 week junket with her daughter at the tax payer’s expense when many of us could not afford to go to Bournemouth for the day

    Digger I like this website, it gives the only true account of what is really going on in the Gambia, the scams the fraud the rip offs the deception, and we need to be told about this, it should be exposed. Sunlight is the best disinfectant after all.

    I do hope that Gambia Cheaters can take a closer look into the massive fraud happening every day in the Gambia by these unscrupulous thieves who fleece donations and in doing so are depriving some of the poorest children in the Gambia, and all to fund their nice lifestyle retirement in the sun on the smiling coast!

    It’s truly disgusting!


    • James says:

      Here is a link to £multi millionaire asset manager/hedge fund manager Perry’s visit to the Gambia. A jolly 3 week junket with her daughter, a freebie, paid for by the British taxpayer, i.e. you and me.

      The comments beneath the editorial are very revealing and also interesting.

      Perry is clearly not very popular with her constituents in Devizes. No doubt she patronised the poor women at the Gunjur garden, (paid for by you and me the British tax payer) in the same way she patronises and despises her constituents.



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