Some advice on if your boyfriend has other girlfriends by Kim Tuffin Gambian Cheaters Media

While you and your boyfriend are together in Gambia; • Boyfriend keeps his phone close at all times, often under his pillow when he sleeps. • Boyfriend has his phone on silent when you are together, a typical Gambians cell phone should be constantly active and you should be able to hear that it is. • Boyfriends phone rings but he turns it off and does not take the call. • You can see that your boyfriend is living above his means. You know how much you send him, how much he earns from any other job and what he owed when you first met him. If he has more jewellery, a new motorbike, fashionable clothes or upgraded his accommodation either somebody else is sending him money or he has won the lottery. Ask yourself, where is he getting the money to afford this lifestyle? • When you are together does he make excuses to disappear claiming he wants to meet friends on his own (he maybe calling, or keeping in contact with other girlfriend or wives?) Remember if he takes you to meet his family it means nothing. If he is a scammer the family will be involved in the scam as well. They stand to make just as much money out of the scam as him. You could be one of five or six women he has taken home to meet his family.

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1 Response to Some advice on if your boyfriend has other girlfriends by Kim Tuffin Gambian Cheaters Media

  1. Hayley says:

    I have had LOADS of women with similar stories that have commented on my blog ! I think it would be really great to expose some of this kind of stuff more? If you would be willing to do a brief interview with me over e-mail or to ‘name and shame’ a Gambian love cheap I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me at


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