Honey Trap Gambia

Why Us?

Honey Trap Gambia is a private and discreet company that investigates people who are in long or short term relationships, we advise partners of any wrong doing in their relationships from ” the other half ” and therefore being unfairly selfish and secretly promiscuous. If you intend to get married to someone you have not known for long and your feeling uncertain about your future wife or husband and maybe you are not sure of their sexual or romantic activities then we can make your mind clearer about your proposed decision of a long term relationship or marriage.

What Is A Honey Trap?

Honey Trap/Trapping is a tool to check the fidelity and trustworthiness of partners in a relationship. A woman can employ a Honey Trapper or a Honey Trap agency to test her partner’s, fiance’s or husbands fidelity. This will usually mean that a female, or better known as the Honey Trapper will to try to get involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with the target, which is the boyfriend, fiance or the husband but any compliance with these advances and the honeytrapper will disassociate themselves instantly.

In the same way, a man can employ a Honey Trap agency or the service of a Honey Trapper to check the fidelity of his girlfriend, fiance or wife. In this case, a male Honey Trapper will to try to get involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with the target and again any compliance with these advances and the honeytrapper will disassociate themselves.

Honey Trap agencies or services from professional Honey Trappers are used by suspecting girlfriends or wives who want to know if their boyfriends or husbands can cheat on them. Vice versa, suspecting boyfriends or husbands can use Honey Trappers to see if their girlfriends or wives will cheat on them. Often, Honey Trap services are used by men and women to check the fidelity of their partner.

However, Honey Trap services are not restricted to married or engaged couples. Clientele can range from partners in a long term or short term relationships, couples who are about to get married, married couples, gay or lesbian couples.

We may even discover that we do not need to engage in a Honey Trapping situation because of the partner may already be in a ‘multiple cheating programme of their very own and is someone who likes to play about, play around or play love games with many different partners.

Who We Help

We specialise in helping clients that reside in the UK and the Continent that have long distant relationships with partners that live in the Gambia. We offer our client the option to know who they are dealing with, it maybe someone they have fallen in love with or just someone they really like and want to care for but are not sure of the honesty’s and loyalties.

Reasons Why We Are Here

The main reasons why we are here is to protect the integrity and interpersonal compatibility of The Gambia, to cleans the country of its ‘users and abusers’ and to ensure it is a forever lasting tourist attraction for the right reasons.

We are not here to down grade all African young men and women visitors we are just here to make awareness of the possibility’s of any wrong doing and to protect those who are vulnerable.

There are plenty of Gambian men and women who are genuinely looking for love, be it with a local partner or a foreigner but its the foreign army of unattached men and women that arrive from neighboring African countries that have made us decide to try and become a major collimator in the future of tourism in Gambia.

Who We Are

This website and organisation was devised by people who have fell victim to African men and women in The Gambia while on holiday believing they have found love or the “right one” only to find out that they have been used for their money, their houses and of course not forgetting their visa prosperity.

Please do not become one of these people check your partner out first send us an email for your initial details and information that we need to get started.

For a small fee it can save you a fortune so please fill out the form in the Contact Us page.

4 Responses to Honey Trap Gambia

  1. Rob says:

    Forget about love there, They will not even get a Visa for Europe


  2. Auntie says:

    Hi Bernadette..

    We did reply to you before but your email address kept pinging back, we thought it was a hoax.. we get many or we get many people changing their minds…

    Just do us a favour and return the email saying your ok to continue.

    Many thanks


  3. Bernadette says:

    I got in touch with you in November about Kebba samba but I lost your repl can you help please


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