Do You Have A Scam Story? Or Do You Have A Question?

Here is your chance for you to tell Auntie your Gambian story, if you have an experience that follows our theme of Gambian news, whether it be unfortunate one or a fairy tale.

You may have been a victim of a holiday romance scam, wedding scam or even a property scam, we want to know.

Did you obtain that land?

Did you buy the taxi?

Was you conned into marriage?

Did you buy the visa?

Did you fund a non existing NGO?

Are you in a dream relationship?

Is your marriage a fairytale story?

If you have question for Auntie please use the submit form below.

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19 Responses to Do You Have A Scam Story? Or Do You Have A Question?

  1. Jimmy says:

    Digger wrote:
    ‘Gambian relationships do not stay perfect forever and no person should ever believe they can change a lifetime of cultural difference. I am a strong man and have adapted well to my wife’s culture without losing sight of my own. Dont ever forget that the Gambian partners will be miserably home sick and no amount of love can change that. They go abroad to fulfill a financial duty to their family but i know if my wife was to get a financial windfall tomorrow or win the lottery, i would nt see her for dust. Gambians generally marry older toubabs to get out of Africa and not for love.’.

    Digger thank you for that honest account of your marriage I am sure that your wife does love you. You are an intelligent and human, sensitive person. I can tell that from your sound advice and honest feedback which I am sure all of us who visit this site appreciate very much.

    It is truly shocking to read the endless reports of Marriage fraud, scams and extortion of money by Gambians. Not a day goes by but we watch a t.v. programme, a newspaper report of yet another failed marriage to a Gambian who tricked the older woman into a sham marriage, was violent, cheated and scammed her out of money during the relationship.

    Then as soon as the visa was granted they disappeared taking the money, and leaving their victim shocked heartbroken and in sever debt.

    You would think that women would learn from the many many reports but it seems they continue to fall for the scam.

    Do they not realise that Gambia now tops the world in terms of marriage fraud, conning and scamming.

    Gambia has a serious problem with very agressive bumsters who are driving away tourists. Their tourism is down each year and no one there does anything about it. The so called ‘military police’ are as corrupt as the bumsters and in on the scam, they take a cut of the deals done by the bumsters who are scamming the tourists

    Land fraud is rife. I read a story of a tourist who bought some land and paid a trusted Imam to fence it. He was there for the duration of the foundation being dug. He had purchased at least 50 sacks of cement, and two tractor loads of stones.

    He had paid 50% upfront to the Imam/contractor and given the remainder to a guy who was a security watchman at the home of a wealthy resident.

    When he returned 6 months later, no sign of the fence, the cement the stone. The so called holy man the Imam had made off with the money and sold the materials. he had given a fake name but the man managed to track him down through his children who gave the man their trickster father’s number and he had to get a local to entice the Imam to a meeting with the guide of another contract for a house building project.

    The Immam showed up for the meeting naturally being the greedy con man that he is, and was immediately arrested by the police. The man now has the hassle of taking this criminal to court.

    This is one example of the every fraud and criminality that is happening all over the Gambia.

    Is it any wonder their tourism is down each year and suffers as a result of the fraud the cons the scam the sham marriages and money fraud?


  2. Digger says:

    Gambian relationships do not stay perfect forever and no person should ever believe they can change a lifetime of cultural difference. I am a strong man and have adapted well to my wife’s culture without losing sight of my own. Dont ever forget that the Gambian partners will be miserably home sick and no amount of love can change that. They go abroad to fulfill a financial duty to their family but i know if my wife was to get a financial windfall tomorrow or win the lottery, i would nt see her for dust. Gambians generally marry older toubabs to get out of Africa and not for love.


  3. Liz says:

    It seems that love rat bigamists are operating not just in Gambia but worldwide.

    Here is an account of a lady called Sandra who met Ed, the biggest love rate bigamist of all time. Sandra met him online, he told her he was single, worked for the government, seemed very respectable.

    She married him and within a year he had swindled her out of $50,000 and bankrupted her, even used her name to file his wife’s taxes. When she received a phone call one day from his actual wife, she discovered that bigamist Ed had six wives and was still advertising and posing as single on four dating sites.

    She had him arrested and told her story on Dr.Phil as a warning to other women. She has also set up a blog on bigamist as a warning to other women who might be taken in by such charismatic con men.


  4. Julie says:

    This is a warning to women who are planning to visit the Gambia. There is a bumster who is so convincing that you would never realise he is bumstering you, and this guy is very techno savvy. He is on facebook and viber all day long, conning women telling them he misses them, loves them The sob stories are always spun, his elderly mother is not well. There are gullible women sending this con man money on a regular basis.

    His name is Karamo Tambedou. His email address cheekily begins with cash**** Conning women out of money is his career. He invites them to the Gambia and arranges accommodation for them.. He receives a commission and ponces off them for the duration of their stay. His stomping ground is Bakau. He drinks and smokes excessively always at someone’s else expense.

    There is woman in particular from the Midlands who is married or about to divorce a Gambian scumbag. She has two boys both at school, yet this naive woman has been tricked into sending this scumbag money regularly. He strings her along. Meanwhile he is ‘engaged’ to a Gambian woman who lives in Sweden who has already conned a Swede into marrying her. He has an obese Liberian woman living in Boston who believes that Karamo is her man.

    Ladies wake up, this hustler is scamming all of you, and is living a very nice lifestyle in Bakau, smoking drinking clubbing driving around day and night when he is not on his smart phone conning more women into believing his sob stories and b.s.

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    • Auntie says:

      Hi Julie.. send us an image of the Love Rat we are now producing Cheaters profiles in an album.. thanks for your post!


      • Julie says:

        Hi Auntie,

        Here is a link to the casanova’s website: Lots of pics of him on there, this bumster is an egoist who thinks he is God’s gift to women:..

        He is stringing along 3 women in the UK. One is a mother about to divorce a Gambian loser, she does not work but this scumbag is playing her fleecing her for money which she foolishly send him via Western Union each month. She is recovering from a very bad marriage and he pretends to be her ‘rock’.

        Little does she know that he is spinning the same story to lots of women, as far afield as Sweden (where he has a Gambian fiance’) and an African American woman (Liberian origin) in Boston who is trying to wangle him a green card.

        This player is having the last laugh, he does not care for anyone but himself, and like many bone idle Gambian losers, lives off women and spends his nights out looking for more mugs to con. He never has a dalasi in his pocket and will sit like a blood sucking limpet waiting for the mug to buy the drinks.

        This B@s….@rd has to be exposed.

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  5. Rob says:

    It is about busstations regular, 90% hustlers
    While They will send You to taxi drivers, and You pay too much , all the time

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  6. Rob says:

    Gambia does not have adress

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    • Brahim says:

      Hi Auntie,

      I found your page and I find it interesting. This is not about a relationship scam but more serious problem. It’s about a wicked woman who is thieving from some of the poorest children in the Gambia.

      Susy Hawkins is a toubab woman from Sussex UK. Ten years ago she set up the Gambia Reality School for poor children in the Sanyang area, children who could not otherwise attend school due to poverty. Their families do not have the funds to pay for books uniforms or transport to the school in Brikama.

      Ten years since this woman Suzy Hawkiins arrived in Sanyang the so called school is still not working. I have two children who did attend. I am on a very low income and earn just 200 dalasi a day as a labourer. My wife realised that our children were learning nothing, she was concerned. They could not read write or even spell their name. My wife visited the school and found it to be full of bumsters with pieces of paper following toubabs asking them to sign up to donate. But no teachers, nothing going on.

      My wife was shocked as I was. We spoke to other parents from our village Sanyang who had experienced the same problems. they too had taken their children away from this school because they were learning nothing. Better to teach the children at home than have them in a school whhich is a sham a front for thieving money which has been donated.

      The only people who have benefited from this sham ‘Reality’ school are the two bumsters who have had relationships with Suzy Hawkins who is married to an Englishman.

      Suzy bought her first boyfriend Lamin a taxi. Lamin’s father is a teacher who put Suzy in touch with the school, where no teaching happens. Suzy kept a blog, but when locals realised the truth she quickly removed the page on ‘Lamin’s Taxi’. Suzy slept with Lamin when she would arrive to Sanyang. Lamin’s wife got sick of this fat toubab sleeping with her husband and so he broke off with Suzy who then turned to his brother Bubba or Bubbacar who also has a wife, – the crazy ‘mamma or mamnita from Sengal. Bubba slept with Suzy and miled her for lots of money. Suzy bought him a 4 wheel drive people carrier landrover. She bought it from toubab man Mike who sold it to Suzy for £4,000.

      Tbis is all money that was donated ny toubabs for some of the poorest kids in the Gambia and it was only benefited two bumster brothers from Sanyang – Lamin and Bubba.

      Now Lamin uses his taxi and his brother people carrier landrover to take tourists on tours around the Gambia. Donations from the school have also been put into a beach bar – Black and White which is still running despite many other businesses being shut down due to lack of papers. Mamma is there every day running her beach bar. She also runs a Black and white restaurant in Sanyand village.

      Meanwhile the school has been robbed and raped of all funds. it has no desks nor books. When toubabs arrive from Senegamia with gifts for the school Lamin and Bubba ring me up to ask me to take my children to the Reality school so as to trick the toubabs into thinking it’s a proper school when it is not. My wife tells me not to allow my kids to be used in this way it is nasty.

      Mamma who is married to the bumster Bubba who calls Suzy his wife is married to Bubba but she tells Suzy she is Bubbas sister and Suz\y sleeps with Bubba who calls her his wife when she is in the Gambia.

      Why does the authorities in UK allow this thievin to happen? Why do out police allow this to happen. Is Suzy or Mamma payin them off?. It does seem so.

      Why is the Gambian Observer and Freedom paper not investigating this school and this dirty toubab woman Suzy Hawkins who is thieving from our Gambian children?

      Aunty I want you to help us the community of Sanyang to let the world know about the thievin which is happenin by this touabab woman Suzy Hawkiins and Mamma who is married to two men a Swedish man of 80 and Bubbacarr who runs the two restaurants Black and white beach bar and village restaurant.

      My wife says what they are all doing is Harram in the eyes of Allah and one day they will pay the price.

      I ask your help Auntie to deal with fraud. Thank you.


      • Alice says:

        I have just found this page and find it very interesting. I have been reading Brahim’s post on the sham ‘Reality’ School in Sanyang. He is so right.

        Six years ago while at University I volunteered at this school. It was chaotic, full of bumsters. I was hassled beyond belief. I have planned to do a teaching internship for six months but left after one month. I could not stand the hassle from the bumsters, and especially those bumsters who were supposed to the running the school.

        The woman who set the charity up is a disgrace. She put no effort into running this school properly. No teachers were hired and no staff were paid. So sooner or later local volunteers left. How long can any Gambian afford to work for free?.

        Donations were misused. A taxi was purchased for Suzy Hawkin’s bumster boyfriend – Lain who happened to have a Gabian wife who was not at all happy with the situation. Lamin eventually dumped Suzy and she moved on to his younger brother Bubbacar, an even greater bumster than his older brother Lamin. Bubba does not work. He leeches off toubabs. He is living with a Senegalese woman called Mamma who has a very old Swedish husband who has been fleeced by Mamma to such an extent that he is now peniless.

        He put all of his money into the Black and Whte Beach Bar. Money from the charity was also pumped into the Black and white beach bar and Black and White Restaurant in Sanyang. A mini market was also set up from the donations. Clothing which was sent to the school and gifts were sold on the street markets and used to fund the two bumster brother Lamin and Bubba It is truly disgusting.

        Suzy Hawkins was married to a lovely English man Mr. Purnell. I am friends with his daughter who is disgusted by her mother’s behaviour. She divorced Mr. Purnell and married a Mr. Hawkiins. But she has been playing both of them and when she is in the Gambia she sleeps with Bubba. Mamma gives her blessing, and all because of money.

        Suzy dress like a prostitute. In fact the local boys in Sanyang village call her the whore, the prostitute. They do not respect her. They are fully aware that no teaching happens in the school and their younger brothers and sisters are being denied a proper educaiton as a result of the fraud happening at this so called school.

        It is a shame that Hawkins is thieving from Gambia’s poorest. A shame that I was unable to continue the internship and help, but was unable to because of the chaos at this so called school. and the abuse which I suffered. The bumsters run the school.

        I would advise anyone thinking of donating to the Gambia Reality School don’t! Your money will be misappropriated. Brahim is right, the local papers needs to look into this school and expose this woman Suzy Hawkins and her bumster boyfriends and the vile Mamma who is leeching off all of them, and from charity money which is truly disgusting.

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      • Alice says:

        There are genuine schools and nursery schools in the Sanyang area, but the Gambia Reality School is not one of them. It is a sham charity and hence there is no education happening there. It’s just a front to extort money for the two bumster brothers – Lamin and Bubba and Bubba’s nasty ‘wife’ Mamma who has set up not one but two restaurants and a mini market from the charity funds.

        Shame shame on your Suzy Hawkins you are a disgrace to the Gambia and to the world of education and charity!.

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      • Brahim says:

        I was reading the well written article of women and sex tourism in the Gambia. What the lady writes is so very true. Every plane brings unattractive women in their 60’s and 70’s who are on the lookout for a young man to take to bed for the duration of their holiday.

        I wrote to you previously about Susy Hawkins who has had affairs with two of the biggest bumsters in the Gambia. First Lamin who’s wife objected to this fat old toubab sleeping with her husband. Young Gambian wives are aware of the health risks associated with promiscuity.

        Suzy was dumped by Lamin then moved on to his brother Bubba for whom she bought a £4,000 people carrier which he uses to tour guide other toubabs around the Gambia.

        Here is a link to some pictures of Hawkins in her new £10,000 ‘supercar’ called the Marcos. meanwhile the poor Gambian ‘Reality’ school is suffering from all the pilfering and misappropriation of funds, and no real teaching is going on, and that is the reality Auntie.


  7. xxxgirl says:

    Hi Auntie, I’m 22 and I’m from Italy, I came to Gambia on February after being engaged for 4 years with a Gambian boy who lives in Italy too. I was so happy cuz i finally met his family! but after a week I came back to Italy I found out he got married with a Gambian girl… 😦 My question is, is it really true that Forced Marriage still exist in the Gambia? cuz honestly I don’t believe it.. and he says he was forced by the family, cuz this woman was chosen for him since he was a baby boy… I’m very disappointed, I thought I found the man of my life, I did everything for him…


    • Auntie says:

      Hi, I really feel for you it must have been a shock. Did your Gambian fiance make regular trips home? also was he employed in Italy? Did he ask you for money to send to Gambia for his family/future wife? Back to the main subject of forced marriage in the Gambia; I take it you mean arranged marriage. These do happen between families like most Muslim countries but in no way are these marriages forced to the bounds, they have become more relaxed these days, you hear these marriages happening in the inner provinces mostly where old traditions still exist. I hope I have been some help to you my dear, if there is any further assistance you require please contact me here at our website Honeytrap Gambia


      • xxxgirl says:

        Thanks for your reply Auntie, yes it was a shock.. we were happy together, and he always mocked his friends who have a wife in the gambia, cuz he said you can’t be married with someone you never see.. he
        never asked me money, on the contrary , sometimes he helped me and my family, and I helped him too but always because I wanted… he’s working in italy but not regularly and this was the first time he went to gambia after 8 years.. his mum lives in serrekunda but the family is from badibu, and i found that his wife is a sort of cousin…should it be the truth then? he says he is not in love with her but he doesn’t want to disappoint his family… Thank you very much…


    • Brahim says:

      Her is the link to Suzy Hawkins in her new £10,000 supercar – the Marcos which she bragged about of her Facebook page. The woman has no shame.


      • modou says:

        What a fat dirty ugly old slapper Hawkiins is .What do her bumsters see in her other than money?

        Jammeh needs to kick this fat thievin bith’s fat arse out of the Gambia.

        Thievin from our children has to be the vilest dirtiest crime you can commit.

        Is thisfat slag also thievin from the Veteran’s charity the WRVS which she works for in UK as a wages clerk

        Nice helicopter and £18,000 car, not to mention the £4,000 jeep for her bumster boy Bubba.

        Vile fat slag from Sussex.


  8. Cynthia says:

    Hi Dear, are you truly visiting this site regularly, if so after that you will absolutely get good knowledge.

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