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Where Have You Been All My Life

Where Have You Been All My Life

For many years now Gambia has been a five star winter holiday destination for tourists and holidaymakers traveling from Europe. However, very steadily people have been traveling to Gambia from neighboring countries such as Sierra Leone, Senegal, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria and Liberia.

Some travel to Gambia from these countries to find partners from the UK and the Continent; the Gambia’s tourism industry receives over 100,000 visitors a year and receives its second highest income from foreign revenue. This is a great improvement when you consider in 1965 there were only 300 visitors and 2500 visitors arriving in Gambia in 1970.

Tourists mainly come from Europe with package tour operators with the UK making up over 50% of all visitors. The main attractions being the all year round sunshine, the fishing, wildlife and the low cost of living in comparison to European destinations, of course some travel to find love and find themselves engaged into marriage

So often we see men and women over 60, in what they think is a totally committed relationship, financially supporting their Gambian or West African partner and being betrayed.

At Gambian Cheaters we can reassure you that you are in a secure, monogamous relationship without deceit.

If you are here reading the website you may be in great relationship stress or grievance, you can call it what you like but a break down of any relationship or marriage can be one of the most difficult issues any person has to deal with and being on the receiving end can affect your state of mind, lead to resentment, a lack of self esteem or confidence and so on.

Gambian Cheaters is here to advise you with experienced Gambian information and consulting you in marriage, divorce and partner ownership issues when things go wrong.

It Must Be Love

It Must Be Love

We value and respect your emotions and commitments, so at our site Gambian Cheaters we intend to guide you through any major relationship decisions and withhold you from any financial calamities.

At Gambian Cheaters we offer various ways to find our client the assurances they need, we can also research the ownership of land and property and advise you with any kind of property transactions on land and compounds in Gambia.

Any communication made through this site is strictly confidential and the information given will not be passed over unless instructed.

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