Each Client File can variate in price this will be assessed by your File Planner

Honey Trap Gambia rates are generally based on a fixed fee and dependent on sessions needed.

* Process Serving – £ 50.00 (to open Client File)

* Honey Trap Research & compromisation – £ 150.00

* Activity Research – £ 10.00 per hour (daytime) – £15.00 per hour (night time) minimum of 4 hours

* 24 hr Activity Research – £ 20.00 per hour (uninterrupted)
* 24 hr Activity Research – rural area – £ 25.00 per hour (uninterrupted)

* Mileage – Vehicle – 50 pence / mile

* Night emergency call out charge – £ 35.00

All payments will be paid by an initial deposit in advance, followed by further payments as if the case requires it. All operations are carried our “plus expenses”. These will normally be limited to the following.

1. Public transport.

2. Client Researcher expenses during undercover work.

3. Any fees to public or private functions necessary during surveillance.

4. Any other expenses will first be agreed by the client in advance. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements. Please note that we do not offer refunds unless otherwise stated by us in writing prior to our receipt of cleared funds. All monies must be paid in advance for all work carried out. Any balance outstanding to us must be settled within 48 hours (unless agreed otherwise). Any balance outstanding to the client will be used as a form of credit that can be used in future investigations. We offer no guarantee of results in any surveillance or outbound work that we undertake. We will not be held responsible for any loss of the subject whilst on surveillance and any hours booked prior to the start of any job will be the hours payable in the event of any loss or cancellation.

How To Pay

We have different methods of payment, your payment will be untraceable to Honeytrapgambia.

Once we receive your client form your File Planner will instruct you on your payment.


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