After we have received your Submit Form a File Planner will contact you in response to the comments you have made. You will received an email with an attachment form to fill out where you will be required to give as much information about the intended subject as possible. This is where you initiate and decide on the whether to go for the Honey Trap Plan procedure or simply a Activity Research Plan.

During a Typical Assignment The Honey Trap Gambia Researcher Will:

Attempt to engage the subject in conversation
Ask the subject any agreed questions
Exchange phone numbers under the pretext of a further meeting
Maintain contact for a pre-agreed length of time – by phone, text or email
Arrange a second meeting for lunch, dinner or at a hotel (optional)

None of our agents will engage in sexual contact at any time.  A hotel location is only used to imply that our agent is willing to take the meeting further.

After The Honey Trap We Can Provide You With:

Full written report with photographs
The SIM card used by the honey trap agent during the assignment
Copies of all texts, voicemails and emails

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  1. Bernadette fegan says:

    I am in a relationship with a guy called Kebba samba d.o.b.17-10-1981.i am living in England but have rented a house in brusubi since April, my first problem is I sent Kebba the rent for a year but he only paid half Kebba is living in my house. I don’t trust Kebba he is constantly online and not always to me he.also blocked me from seeing his wall on Facebook, I kno he uses Viber and watsapp.


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