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Liz’s Comment from Gambian Cheaters Website ( Honey Trap Gambia Blog )

Having read some of the posts on here regarding the promiscuous behavior of those Gambian men who are playing five or more women at a time I frankly am not surprised that STD’s have escalated in the Gambia. Read more

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Do you really think there is a genuine reason to double date? Do you see double dating as a good insurance policy? Double dating isn’t an uncommon incident in relationships; many people double date, men and women inclusive, and feel … Continue reading

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The Nigerian 419 Scam or Romance Scam

The Nigerian 419 Scam has been adapted to be used on dating sites. This is now commonly used on dating sites and anybody who uses them will probably come across one. It is sometimes known as Romance Scam. Read more

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Debt Recovery: Why waste your time chasing debts? Leave your debts to Honey Trap Gambia!

Chasing debt can be both stressful and time-consuming, especially when you live far away from those owing you money, so why not leave it to the professionals at Honey Trap Gambia. With over 25 years’ experience in debt recovery and … Continue reading

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World’s biggest love rat? Wealthy woman reveals she was DUPED by ‘widower’ who really had ‘FIVE wives’

Kim Sow appeared on This Morning T.V. in the U.K. where she issued a warning to women after falling in love with a Senegalese man Read more and watch the clip

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Gambian Cheaters Facebook Post Shared

Gambi Time Says: Some people don’t know what they want and they don’t value what they have. They get into relationships just for fun, to pass time and just for their sexual satisfaction. Some people are not contented with what … Continue reading

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Gambian Cheaters Website Post By Brahim

Hi Auntie, I found your page and I find it interesting. This is not about a relationship scam but more serious problem. It’s about a wicked woman who is thieving from some of the poorest children in the Gambia. Susy … Continue reading

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Karren T Scarratt Post To Gambian Cheaters Facebook (Part Three)

Then my sons friend had said that I needed to look on facebook. So we did. To find I was blocked ! Assan had 4 profiles one with a photo of When my son looked on FACEBOOK he found this…… … Continue reading

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Gambian Cheater & Love Rat Ebrima Manjang aka Squire.

Teija Jallow From Gambian Cheaters Facebook wrote: Let me introduce Ebrima Manjang aka Squire I want to share my latest story, i got married to my long time friend last year but after our wedding day started i had many … Continue reading

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Gambian Cheater & Love Rat Bigamist Jainaba Bojang aka Ndey

This is Jainaba or Ndey Bojang, Bigamist wife married to two men at the same time. One Love husband Dave Tungate tells Gambian Cheaters… Great news today I have been informed by the family of the man who married my … Continue reading

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