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Liz’s Comment from Gambian Cheaters Website ( Honey Trap Gambia Blog )

Having read some of the posts on here regarding the promiscuous behavior of those Gambian men who are playing five or more women at a time I frankly am not surprised that STD’s have escalated in the Gambia. Read more

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Karren T Scarratt Post To Gambian Cheaters Facebook (Part One)

Hi all, so here’s what’s happened. I met a man at Palm Beach Hotel Gambia. We were planning on getting married in Gambia but I wanted him to come over on a visitor’s visa first. Paid to have the paperwork … Continue reading

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How to Get Over a Break Up…

Whether we’re talking about breakups, or facing the reality of a one-sided romance, it is painful. So much so that it disrupts our normal flow of experiences, causing us to not function normally. Read more

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Russian Bride Scam: First Things To Know

Basically, it is a scam where a lonely foreign man gets acquainted over the Internet with an attractive, supposedly single female from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus… Read more

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Named & Shamed Karamo Tambedou

Julie’s Warning: Posted in “Auntie’s Scam Story” This is a warning to women who are planning to visit the Gambia. There is a bumster who is so convincing that you would never realise he is bumstering you, and this guy … Continue reading

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Lets Make Music Together

I had just split up with my partner of 10 years and here I was, getting ready to fly half way around the world with him. It was madness! Read more

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They are called ‘bumsters’ in Gambia.

Thought it was just men who flew abroad for squalid sexual kicks? Meet the middle- aged women, middle class women who are Britain’s sex tourist. For the full story follow the link.. they are called bumsters in Gambia

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Holiday Romances in Gambia, West Africa

Jane Cole, 56, knew that The Gambia in West Africa had a reputation for being a hotbed of holiday romances between young local men and older British women. But when she decided to take a break there with her friend … Continue reading

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