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Named & Shamed Karamo Tambedou

Julie’s Warning: Posted in “Auntie’s Scam Story” This is a warning to women who are planning to visit the Gambia. There is a bumster who is so convincing that you would never realise he is bumstering you, and this guy … Continue reading

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Millionaire father plotted the death of his own family to be with his mistress

Chris, 34, was head of security for the wealthy Joyce Meyer, a job that made him £65k a year and saw him travelling all over the country. Read more

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Being Cheated On Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

No one has ever been so keenly aware of their hearts’ ability to produce physical pain than someone who’s been cheated on. Only someone who’s experienced true heartache and knows the pain that runs through the body, up to the head, where … Continue reading

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