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The Misuse Of Facebook

OK so there is a local Gambian man driving around in a white Hummer 4 x 4 Car.. your a white man and your picking up your black Gambian step daughter and her friend from school, the girl is invited for dinner at your home with your wife cooking,.. as your collecting the kids the local man un-does his window and says ‘Smile’ to the you in your car while he is smirking and flashing his camera at you and then drives off at speed…

Richard image

Richard Payne wants his image removed from the ‘cover shot header’.. Gambians Against Sex Tourism and Exploitation

A few days later there is some tool of an idiot administrator posting an image of you on the ‘cover shot header’ of Gambians Against Sex Tourism And Exploitation.

Richard Payne is a retired roofer from Cornwall, England and now resides in Gambia, married with step-children.

I am open minded i ve been in Gambia long enough to know what goes on here, it does happen but this man is not a “Pedo” but what can he do? and if it was you, what could you do? the answer is, nothing!

Honey Trap Gambia are pursuing the removal of his image from a facebook page that is targeting European tourism in Gambia.

Even when there is no evidence of Original Research or Prime Source Material and no history where you can say.. yes that man, i know him, i read about his arrest, there is nothing such like reported.

This is being exposed incorrectly and should be taken off Facebook and any other social media site.

At Gambian Cheaters we don’t like it!


7 Responses to Honey Trap Gambia Blog

  1. Dally
    Please do not be too critical of them or the other women on holiday Love Rats Exposed having watched the program it struck me how many of the ladies said they were feeling lonley, vulnerable or had just come out of s bad marriage. These love rats are experts at saying exactly the right thing to make their victims feel loved and special.
    Also you say ‘get them checked out’ , that’s easier said than done. Where would somebody start to look for a private detective in Gambia who they know they could trust not to go straight to the ‘rat’ and tell them exactly what is happening for a small payment.
    We specialise in exposing love rats living in The Gambia and abroad, I can attest catching them is not easy.
    Having said that my advice is not to act hastely or rashly. Seek advice before getting married or taking any major decisions and never send money however desperate that claim their situation is.
    One other thing love rats will nearly always try and move the relationship on as quickly as possible. Quick, fast utterances of love are a sure sign of a love rat scammer. Beware


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  3. Liz says:

    Having read some of the posts on here regarding the promiscuous behaviour of those Gambian men who are playing five or more women at a time I frankly am not surprised that STD’s have escalated in the Gambia.

    STT’s such as herpes, ghonorrea, and HPV’s are at an all time high in the Gambia and it is all down to reckless behaviour, men cheating on their partners or wives and not protecting themselves.

    I see it all the time. I manage a beach bar owned by Brits, have done so for the past ten years, and I have witnessed the players who are not just from the tourist areas of Senegambia, Kololi or Kotu. They travel here from as far afield as Basse, Farafeni, Kartong, Bakau, Tanji Gunjur and Kartong, all on the lookout for toubab women to con into thinking they ‘love’ them, and all of the really after a visa out of poverty

    The majority of these guys do not work, they live on their wits and the odd ‘tip’. They are not prepared to get their hands dirty, do an honest day’s job labouring, they prefer to hang out at the tourist bars where they can pick up a foreign woman

    Most of the hotels are guilty of exploiting Gambian workers. Badala Park and Palm Beach hire workers on the con of ‘work experience’ i.e. slave labour, and they should be ashamed of themselves. Is it any wonder that young Gambian workers turn to prostitution in order to feed their families. Not that I am condoning it. Just saying that not all are using protection hence the spread of STD’s and HIV.

    A clinic would charge them for a check up and condoms are not cheap for a Gambian who is on 200 Dalasi a day or being exploited for ‘work experience’.

    Women who come here must be mad to engage in unprotected sex with any of them, men also. These men are full of charm, but charm is all they have, they do not have a dalasi in their pocket, they live on their wits, their uppers and their charm and sweet words. They are out to trick a woman if she is fooling enough to fall for their charm. the back of one is the face of another. I have seen the more seasoned bumsters with up to 50 different women in one season. God knows what those women have taken home with them and I am not talking a wood carving.

    The Gambian Tourism Authority will not reveal their true HIV or STD statistics, it would be bad for tourism, but I can tell you it is very high. I know because a neighr of mine is a nurse who works at a private clinic for those toubabs who can pay for a check up. Gambian cannot and there is the crux of the matter. Many have undiagnosed infections which they are passing on to multiple partners including their Gambian wives and girlfriends.

    Just be careful When you sleep with a Gambian and are ot using a condom you truly are dicing with death!.


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  5. Sally says:

    Hi Auntie,

    If anyone was in serious need of your service it is Kim Sow, who featured on the ‘Holiday Love Rats’ programme last night on Channel 5.

    She met and fell in love with one of the biggest love rats in Africa. He told her he was a widower, but after they married he had an affair and blamed it on him missing his home in Senegal and his children. So he left for Senegal and took all of his belongings with him.

    Kim became suspicious and did some investigating, only to discover he had five wives and was a bigamist. He is also try to scam her out of her home but she is currently fighting this legally.

    I could not help but feel that this otherwise intelligent woman who is successful in business, was so incredibly naive. Surely you would check someone out before marrying them. Take your time before rushing into marriage and parting with your hard earned cash.

    After all, love cannot be purchased, it has no price tag. And demands for money is always a red flag in any relationship.

    Kim was not the only one, at least five women had similar experiences, losing the man as soon as he got his leave to remain, losing their pride, their money, their hearts to these con men.

    Women and men need to be more careful. Especially if they are older than their partner, as all of these women were.



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